Edge of dock levelers for loading docks

The Mini Dock leveler or edge of dock levelers is the best loading and unloading option for goods in small spaces, where installing a conventional levelling ramp is not possible.

No pit required, so no construction work is necessary. This represents a major financial and production savings since the loading area remains operational during the days that the construction work would otherwise take in the case of a regular loading dock ramp, and hardly any work time is thus wasted.

Edge of dock leveler

Technical characteristics

At Alapont Logistics we have two models of mini dock levelers: edge of dock levelers hydraulic and edge of dock levelers mechanical:

Mechanical edge of dock leveler

  • Does not require construction work other than the fitting of a metal angle if one is not in place, so it ends up being cheaper than a conventional ramp.
  • Its easy installation and handling by the operator make it an economical and efficient solution for loading and unloading goods at loading docks.
  • Platform and lip manufactured in 13/15 diamond plate, giving it greater strength and durability.
  • It incorporates two 20” x 10” 4” molded rubber reinforcements to protect the building and the loading dock from damage.
  • A dynamic capacity of 14.000 Ib.
  • The Mini-Dock is 79” wide, which makes it suitable for any vehicle except vans . If it needs to be installed in a warehouse where items are loaded and unloaded with vans or with a vehicle of a width less than 79” , we at Alapont Logistics offer the possibility of customizing the tip and cutting it narrower (minimum 63”) so that vehicles of a lesser width than the conventional Mini-Dock can enter.
  • Ease of make maintenance.

Hydraulic edge of dock leveler

  • The standard model is designed to be used by all types of vehicles except for vans. However, at Alapontlogistics we can manufacture it to measure, adapting it to smaller width vehicles.
  • They have a dynamic 6t capacity.
  • Its installation is simple.
  • The standard model comes with two high resistance rubber bumpers which protect the ramp by cushioning the impact of the truck with the building wall.
  • This mini ramp has many advantages:
  • Non-slip surface
  • No need for works or modification of the existing dock.
  • Ergonomics and safety
  • Easy maintenance
  • Hydraulic group: it is made up of a three-phase motor. It is located under the platform to be more protected and at the same time easily accessible in case of need.
  • Control panel: IP 65 protection panel, with lip control button. The main switch allows the lip to be locked in any position the lip is in.
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How does the mechanical edge of dock levelers work?

1. The operating lever is inserted into the cavity located next to the platform and then pulled backwards. The platform will be lifted by springs until it is upright and anchored by the anchor bar.

2. Pushing the lever forward causes the platform to descend and the lip extends automatically towards the vehicle.

3. To return to its initial position , the opposite process needs to be carried out: pull the lever back so that the platform is raised by the springs until the anchor bar slides in front of the anchor and can descend without any problems. The lever is then pushed forward slowly, so that the platform descends and the lip folds automatically, remaining in its initial position.

Lip operation

The lip extends automatically as the unit descends onto the truck loading platform, and retracts when the truck is removed.

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