Curtain Dock shelter

Alapont Logistics USA curtain dock shelters provide weather protection during the loading and unloading process. They adapt to different types of trucks and goods, and to the building’s degree of exposure to the outside.  They prevent the passage of air, water or gases and provide great energy savings.

Curtain Dock shelter

Thanks to its retractable structure with vertical movement, if a truck performs an incorrect maneuver, the shelter can pivot upwards to prevent damage to the truck and to itself. Resistance to moisture, to abrasion and to the aging caused by sunlight.

The curtain material has a very high wear-and-tear resistance, and built-in-springs allow the shelter to follow vehicle movement without being damaged.

Technical features

The dock shelter curtains are composed of:

  •  A structure with an anodized and extruded aluminum frame and a galvanized steel back frame.
  • The frames are connected to each other by means of arms. If the docking is inaccurate, the shelter can pivot upwards to prevent damage to itself and to the truck.
  • The steel structure covered by a continuous fabric prevents cracks, leaks and drafts. Rain drains laterally along the shelter, so that water cannot leak in during loading when the door opens.
  • The flaps are made of polyester fibre with a top layer of PVC. The special fabric for the sides makes them more flexible lengthwise, while maintaining rigidity in the width. Side flaps equipped with warning bands that guide the driver when the truck is approaching.
  • The small size of the inner space provides major versatility (2000×2600) as it allows them to adapt to any type of vehicle.
Curtain dock shelter

Installation of 80 curtain dock shelters in Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid).

dock shelter detail

Polyester flaps with a top layer of PVC (curtain dock shelter for loading dock).

dock shelter in facilities

Installation of 25 retractable dock shelters in the logistics warehouse located in Spain.

Vertical dock

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