Loading dock seals and shelters

Keep your loading dock protected with dock seals and shelters

Alapont Logistics USA loading dock seals and shelters improves your energy efficiency and working conditions by sealing off vehicles during loading. They protect against bad weather and draughts during loading and unloading with mechanical fabric curtain and inflatable dock shelters for large vehicles, and van cushion shelters for smaller deliveries.

Loading dock door seals ensure the maximum thermal insulation and great energy saving. They establish an airtight seal between truck and warehouse, making it an essential link in the transfer of perishable products that need to maintain the cold chain.

Like loading dock seal manufacturers we have three types of insulating loading dock seals and shelters. Depending on the degree of airtightness required, one model or another is recommended.

Inflatable dock shelters

Inflatable dock shelters

Curtains docks shelters

Curtain dock shelters

Inflatable dock shelter

The Alapont Logistics USA inflatable dock shelters are the most effective and durable way to ensure airtightness in loading and unloading docks thanks to the concertina-shaped inflatable cushions that fit around the truck perfectly. Specially designed for places with major differences between outside and inside temperatures, as is the case of climate-controlled warehouses. Suitable for trailers and trucks only.

Inflatables docks shelters

Inflatable Plus dock shelter

This is  the inflatable dock shelter with bellows and guiding from Alapont Logistics USA. It is especially recommended for facilities with heavy traffic in terms of loading and unloading, since it has a higher inflatable cushion retraction speed than the regular inflatable. In addition, it is capable of adapting to the size of the vehicle that is going to load and unload in the warehouse, so this model is suitable for all types of transports.

It is the ideal solution for warehouses that require greater airtightness, and have a great deal of goods traffic with different models of transport vehicles.

Inflatable plus dock shelter

Curtain dock shelter

Provides great weather protection. They adapt to different types of trucks and goods, and to the building’s degree of exposure to the outside. They prevent the passage of air, water or gases and contribute to energy savings.

Thanks to its retractable structure with vertical movement, if a truck performs an incorrect maneuver, the shelter can pivot upwards to prevent damage to the truck and to itself. Resistance to moisture, to abrasion and to the ageing caused by sunlight.

Curtain dock shelters

Curtain or inflatable loading dock shelter?

Where is the building located? What goods are usually handled there? Or what type of trucks carry out these loading and unloading operations? These are some of the questions you have to ask yourself before deciding on one type or another of dock door shelter.

If your building requires exhaustive temperature control so that the cold chain is not interrupted, at Alapont Logistics Solutions we recommend the inflatable dock shelter, since it is the most effective option for guaranteeing the airtightness of climate controlled loading docks.

If, on the contrary, you don’t need a rigorous control of the temperature in your warehouse, curtains dock shelter is a good option, because they provide great weather protection.

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