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We are a company specialized in the manufacture of dock levelers for loading docks and accessories like shelters and platforms that complete the loading dock area,  all designed to improve safety, security, productivity, energy savings, and environmental control.

Personalized treatment with clients to find the best solution to their problems in the logistics area.

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Our customers have relied on our quality products and personal service.

Experience is the main reason why Alapont Logistics consistently gives its customers the smooth-working, long-lasting dock levelers they need. A family owned and operated company, our roots in the business began over 20 years ago.

The application and product design knowledge that we gained during that time is an important part of what separates us from other dock levelers manufacturers. 

Quality is our top priority. It starts at the moment an order is received. Operations personnel carefully check every order on arrival to make sure the specifications exactly meet the application requirements. We use only high-quality, robust materials to achieve optimal and long-lasting results over the years.

Leadership comes from our technical know-how, kept current through constant in-house product and systems development.

We have many references in stock to be able to provide a fast delivery service.This combination allows us to be flexible, fast and responsive while never losing sight of the quality and durability our customers have come to expect.

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¿Why Alapont Logistics dock levelers?

Loading dock levelers are currently the best way of loading and unloading goods. At Alapont Logistics we have a wide range of dock leveller models for loading docks, in accordance with the requirements of each type of client. In our catalogue you’ll find hydraulic, mechanical and special dock levelers. We offer the possibility of designing custom-made dock leveler, adapting to the different characteristics of the dock.

With this levelers we reduce the risk of injuries to workers. Increasing productivity and reducing damages to the equipment and products

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