Hydraulic scissor lifts

Scissor lift tables provide versatile, ergonomic and safe lifting solutions for virtually any material-handling application. The main function of scissor lift tables is to cover logistics needs in situations that require freedom of movement. They are useful as a positioning tool in different production processes, as a solution to architectural barriers, or as an auxiliary element to facilitate ergonomics.

By bringing the work to the worker, the Alapont Logistics Scissor Lift Table not only increases a manufacturing facility’s productivity, it will also reduce worker fatigue and drastically decrease the risk of serious back injuries to workers.

Scissor lift platform

Depending on the model, they can support loads of up to 10,000 kg. All designs are made of smooth or teardrop sheet metal. In the case of needing more than three meters in height, you must choose a forklift

At Alapont Logistics we have different models of scissor tables adaptable to any production:

Single     Double   Multiple    Specials    Extraflat

scissor lift platforms

Single scissor lift table 

Designed to position or transport merchandise between levels of mobility. It offers stability and free access on all four sides. It can support up to 10,000 kg and be up to 5 meters long. It complies with the UNE EN-1570 standard regarding the safety of lift tables. They allow a progression stroke 0.6 times its length. Moderate height in folded position.

Double scissor lift table 

It can handle loads of up to 5,000 kg and can be manufactured with a length of up to 4 meters. It complies with the UNE EN-1570 standard regarding safety in lifting tables. This model allows a lift stroke 1.2 times its length. Average height in folded position.

Double scissor lift table is made up of a frame, its mechanism and a platform. Perimeter security profile incorporated by regulation of moving machines.

double scissor lift table

Multiple scissor lift table 

The multiple scissor table is the solution for those applications where higher elevation is required than the single and double scissor models can achieve. This model consists of a frame, the scissor mechanism, which can be three or four levels, and the upper platform.

We supply hydraulic scissor lifts with specific equipment necessary to improve productivity and increase the efficiency and safety of the installation, adapting to the requirements of each client. In this way you have:

lift table with canvas or metallic

With canvas metallic bellows

The perimeter bellows protects the lifting platform from humidity and dirt in harmful environments. In addition, outdoors, it helps to resist the unfavorable conditions of exposure to the elements.

lift table with manual or hydraulic lip

With manual or hydraulic lip

Its function is to allow continuity between the lift table and the truck bed. It can be manual or hydraulically operated.

lift table with loading dock

With loading dock

The platforms installed in the loading dock have a lip that can be operated manually or hydraulically. Option to install a curtain to prevent the entry of smoke and dust.

lift table with raillings

With railings

Recommended to protect operators and goods. These are 1100mm high side protections with 120mm skirting boards.

Scissor tables for special applications

double scissor lift table

Machines with double vertical or horizontal scissors

The vertical or horizontal double scissor lift tables allow lifting large loads. They are composed of an upper platform that rises through two scissors of the same size with a single hydraulic group placed horizontally or vertically.

Extra flat lift tables

The extra flat scissor lift tables can be installed directly on the ground without the need for a pit due to their reduced folding. The upper part can be E, U or rectangular.

It is made up of three different elements:

Chassis: base of the scissor lift platform. Located on the ground, where the hydraulic mechanism is housed.

Extendable structure: attached to the chassis from the bottom, it allows the platform to be raised to the desired height.

Work platform: platform where the goods will be loaded or the operators will work on it. It is attached to the extensible structure.

extra flat lift table
Vertical dock

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