Loading and unloading dock levelers

Loading dock levelers are currently the best way of loading goods

Alapont Logistics offers a variety of industrial dock levelers to fit your exact needs. We carry hydraulic, mechanical, and custom-made options for loading and unloading. Our custom solutions can boost your productivity, keep your workers safe, and minimize damage to equipment and products.

Hydraulic dock levelers

Ensure efficient loading and unloading dock levelers. These levelers bridge the gap between the dock and truck beds swiftly and securely. An ideal choice for any loading dock seeking a robust and secure solution, the Alapont Logistics USA. Featuring durable construction and a hinged lip design, they offer seamless fitment, enhancing safety and operational efficiency during loading and unloading.

Hydraulic loading dock levelers

Vertical dock levelers

Enhance efficiency and safety dock levelers. Engineered for seamless integration, these industrial dock levelers ensure smooth load transition with advanced hydraulic technology. Suitable for temperature-controlled environments, they uphold energy efficiency while safeguarding against external elements.

Vertical dock levelers

Edge of dock levelers

Maximise efficiency in tight spaces with these dock levelers. Designed for areas where traditional levelers won’t fit, they offer optimal safety and efficiency. In the fast-paced world of logistics, maximizing efficiency and safety in every inch of space is key.

Edge of dock levelers

¿Why Alapont Logistics dock levelers?

Dock levelers bridge the gap between loading docks and truck beds of different heights. They create a smooth path for moving goods between delivery vehicles and the warehouse.

Alapont Logistics’ dock levelers are known for being tough and safe. They’re built to handle all kinds of equipment, from manual pallet jacks to motorized forklifts, even in challenging work environments.


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