Vertical storing dock levelers

The vertical storing dock levelers are the perfect solution for facilities that require strict temperature control and high levels of cleanliness.

Combined with other components such as inflatable shelters or sectional doors, it ensures a degree of protection of between 96 and 98%.

vertical storing dock leveler

Stored in the vertical position inside the building, enabling the sectional door to be closed completely down to the ground, thus preventing possible leaks that could destabilize the inside temperature. In this way, efficiency is improved and energy loss is minimized.

This also leads to a reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases such as CO2, thereby contributing to a more sustainable ecosystem. The truck’s doors can be opened from inside the building, thus avoiding breaking the cold chain and aiding loading and unloading operations in the loading dock.

Technical features

  • The vertical storing dock leveler for loading dock is manufactured in teardrop plate.
  • Safety system: the cylinder’s fall-arrest valve prevents the platform from falling in the event of a hose bursting or failure of the hydraulic solenoid.
  •  Highly efficient, since it does not break the cold chain, thus minimizing energy loss.

Benefits of vertical storing
dock leveler

  • Benefits for cold storage: During the loading operations, maintain cold chain integrity. Eliminate internal temperature fluctuations.
  • Cleanliness: Leave pests and debrits outside. Easily wash down and sanitize the pit floor to garant the highest level of cleanliness.
vertical storing dock

IP55 water-resistant electrical control panel equipped with emergency stop button.

detail of vertical dock leveler

When not in use the leveler remains in a vertical position, thereby allowing the headboard to close completely.

vertical dock detail

Installation of 90 loading points with vertical dock leveler.

How does Vertical dock leveler work?

1.It is positioned vertically in such a way that the door remains closed.
2. The truck doors can be kept closed. There is no need for the driver to leave the cab.
3. The loading dock assistant opens the doors of the truck from inside the building and lowers the dock leveler until it reaches the ideal position.
4.The loading and unloading process is carried out as in a conventional loading dock.

Vertical dock
vertical dock leveler

Loading dock with vertical leveler and retractable dock shelter in an ecological cultivation premises.

vertical dock form loading docks

Loading and unloading operation using the vertical dock leveler.

vertical storing dock

Installation of 60 loading docks  in a food product distribution centre

Vertical dock

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Advantages of a vertical dock leveler over a conventional one

More efficient sealing

Thanks to its vertical positioning, it allows the doors of the truck to be opened from the inside, preventing the cold chain from breaking, reducing operation times and providing a more efficient seal.

Smaller pit

As it requires a smaller pit than a conventional leveler, it will have a very positive impact on the decrease in air leakage from inside, since the gaps where air can escape are smaller.

Improves health and hygiene levels

Its vertical position allows quick and comfortable access to the pit for cleaning, which is vital to maintain the high standards of health required in sectors such as foodstuffs.

Easy to operate

Its control panel allows it to be operated simply and efficiently. in a sequential manner, thereby saving on loading and unloading time.

Energy savings

Due to its more efficient sealing and its vertical position, this type of loading dock manages to significantly reduce energy loss, which is more noticeable in refrigerated warehouses or centres, resulting in a major savings for companies.

Maximum safety

The vertical loading dock is equipped with multiple safety devices: a fall-arrest valve, side foot-guards, a position indicator, forklift safety socket, etc.

Reduction in CO2 emissions

Just as energy needs decrease with the vertical loading dock, greenhouse gas emissions such as CO2 are also reduced, promoting a more sustainable ecosystem.

Fast amortisation

Thanks to the energy savings obtained from vertical loading docks, they allow companies to recover their investment faster than with traditional docks.

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